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Our wildlife control services offer professional and humane treatment of animals. We will identify the pest or rodent and get it out of your home and set up exclusions to keep them out. Guaranteed! Get a Free QuoteClick to Call

Wildlife Control Akron Ohio

Wild animals entering your home uninvited is not only an inconvenience but can also cause structural damage. Nuisance wildlife carry disease, fleas, ticks and create entry points for other invasive pests.

Our Wildlife control experts know the various types of wild animals that are present in Northeast Ohio.  Animals such as raccoons, opossums, squirrels, mice, rats, skunks are not only a health and safety hazard but can also cause damage to your home or business and we’re here to help.

Need Help with a Wildlife Problem?

Wildlife Can Cause Damages

Nuisance wildlife can get into your home and business and leave a trail of damage behind. It’s important that you contact us immediately if you want to exclude any kind of wildlife from causing damage.  Damages include but aren’t limited to:

  • Eat and tear up drywall and insulation;
  • Leave animal waste behind attracting bugs and foul odors;
  • Die inside your home leaving odor and decay;
  • Create entry points for insects and pests;
  • Chew through wires which can cause electrical fires;
  • Destroy personal belongings.

We Protect Your Home from Wildlife

Raccoon removal and wildlife control services Akron 44333Our expert wildlife control specialists will find the intruding animal and will remove it from the premise and block future entry into your home or business. Our goal is to exclude nuisance wildlife from entry.

Once we’ve inspected and found where the animal is making entry we will close off these entry points which can include:

  • Gable and roof vents;
  • Plumbing vents and roof returns;
  • Dryer vents and other outside openings;
  • Foundation failures allowing entry;
  • Garage door openings;
  • Cracks and gaps between walls and facia.

Our wildlife control services cover Summit County, Medina County, Portage County, Stark County, Cuyahoga County and surrounding neighborhoods in Northeast Ohio.

Need Help with a Wildlife Problem?

Raccoon Removal

If raccoons have made their way into your home or business, you want to get rid of them. They carry disease, can cause structural damage and may be a health risk to your family or pets. Our raccoon removal service includes identification of entry points, catching the raccoons and creating exclusions and/or fixing areas where raccoons have made entry.

Snake Removal

Our wildlife control experts have a lot of experience with snake removal and exclusion. We’ll inspect and identify the snake problem and safely remove the snakes from your location. Once snakes are out, we block of entry points and create exclusions so they don’t come back. We offer peace-of-mind protection, 365 days a year from snakes.

Bat Removal

Bats are invasive and often access attics through small openings in soffits, fascia, or vents. Our bat control experts will identify entry points and size of population. Then we create a way for the bats to exit with no way of getting back in, forcing them to find other nesting areas. Then we permanently seal off future access giving you full bat removal and protection.

Skunk Removal

It’s not hard to tell the smell of a skunk and when they’re living under your porch or basement, it’s time for professional skunk removal. We trap and re-locate skunks so they are no longer a nuisance to you. We can also create exclusions so can’t make homes in your home or business. If you have a skunk problem, call us for professional removal.

Professional Wildlife Control:

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