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Protect your friends and family from disease carrying mosquitos. We offer a variety of variety of mosquito control services in Northeast Ohio, tailored to meet your needs at an affordable price to meet your budget.
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Effective Mosquito Control Akron Ohio

The warm months of the summer mean the return of mosquitoes and it just so happens that Cleveland-Akron-Canton area of Northeast Ohio rank in the top 25 cities for the worst mosquito problem. Part of the Mosquito problem in the area is attributed to topographical features of our region which include clay soil and standing water. Harsh winters can also proliferate the population of mosquitoes.

At we take Mosquito Control very seriously. We make it a priority to keep the mosquito population under control for our friends, family and clients. If you are pregnant or have children, it’s just that much more important that you contact us to learn how we can help reduce the mosquito population at your home.

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The Importance of Mosquito Control in Ohio

Enjoy your backyard with Mosquito Control Akron Ohio

Mosquitoes are vectors for disease.

Mosquito Control for your home or business is extremely important because mosquitoes carry viral diseases like the Zika virus and West Nile virus. Cities and municipalities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to reduce the mosquito population. Recently, there has been massive draining and dredging projects to shed water and alleviate the mosquito problem.

During the 18th century there was a swamp at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River and many of the first settlers got sick or died from mosquito-born viruses. Mosquitos are a major and expensive problem in the U.S. and it’s important that we continuously find ways and methods of reducing their population in an environmentally responsible manner.

How much money is Mosquito Control? offers mosquito control for your home for as low as $49.00. The average 1/2 acre home in Northeast Ohio would be right around $59.00. Monthly applications throughout the season are highly recommended for the residual effects of reducing the mosquito population surrounding your home and yard.

Important Information about Mosquito Control

It’s important to understand that the first application of Mosquito Control will knock down all the existing mosquitoes outside the perimeter of your home. It will not kill the existing eggs, larva or pupa. It only kills adult mosquitoes. That means one application, while effective for a week or two, isn’t enough to bring down the population before new adults emerge. The two most important applications of Mosquito Control are the first two, no more than 14 days apart.

The secret to a full and effective mosquito control program is consistency and repeated treatments. With each treatment you will immediately notice the disappearance of mosquitoes but it’s the subsequent treatments that provide the long-term, residual effects. As your mosquito control applications continue throughout the season, gradually we’ll kill all the adults that lay eggs and the new adults before they can lay new eggs.

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Mosquito FAQs

How long have mosquitoes existed?
Mosquitoes have been around since the Jurassic period which makes them approximately 200+ million years old.
Are Mosquitoes Dangerous?

There are more human deaths on this earth associated with mosquitoes than any other animal on the planet. Malaria kills more than 1/2 million people each year, unfortunately, mostly children. Mosquitoes carry and transmit viral infections including:

  • West Nile Virus – most common mosquito-borne infection in the US. Most of the time the there are no symptoms of the infection. You can read more about it on the OSU website.
  • Zika Virus – fairly new to the Americas, the Zika virus can pass from a pregnant woman to their baby causing birth defects. It can also be sexually transmitted and there is no vaccine available currently.
  • Chikungunya Virus – also fairly new to the Americas, causes severe joint pain and body aches. It’s not usually deadly but joint pain can last for weeks to years. No vaccine is available yet.
  • Dengue Virus – causes fever, headache, severe pain behind eyes, joint pain, rash and bleeding. Bleeding might be from the nose or gums. Dengue fever requires hospitalization but is rarely found in the United States.
  • Malaria – found in sub-Saharan Africa and some in Southeast Asia, Malaria kills more than 1/2 million people a year. Malaria is the most deadly disease transmitted by mosquitoes.
Can I get HIV from a mosquito bite?
According to many studies, there has never been a successful transfer of HIV from mosquito to human. HIV doesn’t replicate in mosquitoes as does malaria, dengue and other viral infections. So, until it’s proven otherwise, mosquitoes cannot be a biological vector for HIV.
How long do mosquitoes live?

The life expectancy of a mosquito is (on average), less than two months. Males usually live for under 10 days. Females can live six to eight weeks and during that lifespan the female mosquito will lay eggs every three days. Since mosquitos are cold blooded, they prefer temperatures above 80 degrees but when the temperature drops below 50, a female mosquito can live in hibernation up to 6 months.

How far do mosquitoes travel during their lifetime?
Mosquitoes don’t generally travel too far or fast. They usually fly below 25 feet and within 300 feet of where they were hatched. However, there are some species that can travel up to 40 miles but not in Ohio. When it comes to mosquito control in Northeast Ohio, we can treat your residence or business perimeter and it will be effective until the new eggs hatch. This is why repeated applications is necessary to enjoy the long term, residual effects of mosquito spray.
Do bug zappers offer effective mosquito control?
Bug zappers are virtually useless when it comes to controlling mosquitos. Actually these bug zappers attract and kill beneficial and harmless insects such as moths but have absolutely no effect on mosquitos or controlling the mosquito population.
What eats mosquitoes?
Dragonflies and the mosquito fish (Gambusia), are the two most common predator of mosquitoes. Dragonfly larvae (nymphs), will eat mosquito larvae and the adult dragonfly will eat adult mosquitoes. Some cities actually use dragonflies as biological control of mosquitoes. Bats do eat mosquitoes but it’s a very small percentage of their daily diet.
Is Mosquito Control effective?

When we come out and spray for mosquitoes, our insecticide will kill the mosquitoes on contact. However, there are still larvae and eggs that will not be affected. Repeated mosquito control treatments are the most effective method of controlling the mosquito population in your area. We don’t want to give the new adults time to lay too many eggs. You’ll notice a definite decline of the mosquito population after the first treatment. Subsequent treatments are important for long term mosquito control.

Why do mosquitoes seem attracted to some people more than others?
Mosquitoes are attracted to heat and odors. Our skin produces more than 300 chemical odors, some of which attract mosquitoes. When we sweat, our skin releases a chemical called octenal. Octenal is what makes the brown marmorated stink bugs stink. It’s that pungent, coriander smell. Mosquitoes will also be more attracted to people that have high cholesterol, produce more folic acid and certain bacteria, heat, and CO2. Certain skin lotions and perfumes can attract mosquitoes as well. Wearing dark clothing will also attract more mosquitoes because it retains more heat than light clothing. Mosquitoes also have antennae that detect carbon dioxide released when we exhale. The CO2 rises into the air leaving a trail to the human buffet.
Are mosquito repelents effective for protection?
DEET is the most effective of the mosquito repellents because mosquitoes don’t like the smell of it. DEET doesn’t kill the mosquito or jam their senses, they just don’t like it so it repels them. If your repellent contains 10% DEET it will be effective for an hour or two. The stronger the DEET the longer it will last and more it will repel. Lemon eucalyptus oil has also been proven effective as mosquito repellent. Visit the CDC and EPA websites to see other recommended repellents for various types of insects.

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Lifecycle of a Mosquito

Understanding a Mosquito’s lifecycle will be helpful when it comes to Mosquito Control. One of the most important things to understand is Mosquitoes need standing water.

The 4 stages of a mosquito’s lifecycle

Egg: Mosquitoes lay eggs in water or on damp soil that that will be flooded with water. Most of the eggs hatch into the Larva stage within 2-3 days but if it’s very cold, they can wait for warmer weather to hatch.

Larva: Once the eggs are hatched in Larva, the larvae lives in water but surfaces to breath air and feeds on microorganisms and organic matter in the water. As the Larvae grows, they go through a molt process which is a shedding of skin (growing out of their existing skin). They’ll shed they’re skin four times, each time getting larger and larger. The fourth shed they enter the Pupa stage.

Pupa: In this stage of mosquito’s lifecycle they rest. Think of this as you’d think about a caterpillar becoming a butterfly (metamorphosis). The Pupa is a stage they get through in approximately 2 days, depending on the climate. Once the Pupa skin (cocoon) splits, the adult emerges.

Adult: Once the adult emerges it stands on the water, drying itself out and allowing it’s body parts to harden. It’s wings are spread and dried off before it can fly and the newly hatch adult doesn’t start breeding or searching for a blood-meal for a couple days. The entire mosquito lifecycle is dependent on the weather but normally it can take 2 weeks to a month in Northeast Ohio.

Mosquito Control – IMPORTANT!

One of the most important things to understand about mosquitoes is that they need water to lay eggs and hatch into adults. They don’t need much water, just a little bit of standing water is perfect. Keeping this in mind, if you can eliminate standing water around your home or business, that will reduce your mosquito problem and our treatments will be much more effective.

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