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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an environmentally sensitive and responsible approach to pest management. This approach to pest management requires both the pest professional and homeowner to work together toward pest control and elimination.
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Integrated Pest Management

Our Integrated Pest Management is designed to implement a common-sense approach to pest control that eliminates the cause of pest infestations and maintains responsible pest control year-round.

Custom Pest Control experts are focused on responsibly eliminating the conditions which are conducive to pest infestations.  Eliminating the pests food, water, and harborage will significantly decrease your pest problem while decreasing the use of pesticides and chemical.

We know the pest problems that plague Northeast Ohio homes and businesses and we’re here to help.



Step 1 - Set Action Threshholds

We will work with you to pinpoint environmental conditions conducive to pest infestations.

Step 2 - Identify & Monitor Your pests

Identifying and monitoring your pest problems eliminates the possibility  of recommending the wrong solution.

Step 3 - Pest Prevention

The first line of defense against pest infestations is prevention.  Good sanitation practices can eliminate food and water sources for the pest problem.  Reducing clutter will also reduce concealed pest movement and allow for better identification and treatment of common pests problems.

Step 4 - Pest Control

Responsibility for proactive pest control in Integrated Pest Management is shared between your Custom Pest Control professional and the homeowner.  Cooperative pest control will provide long-term, highly effective results.

Follow-up with best practices

Depending on your unique pest infestation IPM plan, we’ll put you on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly plan that best fits your needs.

Custom Integrated Pest Management

Custom Pest Control Solutions

Before jumping into the pest control and spraying pesticides, the Custom Pest Control technician work with you to understand and pinpoint environmental conditions conducive to pest infestations and whether or not action needs to be taken.


We look at environmental conditions with a focus on eliminating the conditions which encourage pest infestations.  Your pest control technician will make recommendations that will mitigate environmental consequences.



Together, we will identify your specific environment and look at conditions that encourage pest infestations.  We’ll identify pest points of entries; food and water sources; and the exact identity of the pests that are problematic.


Your pest control technician will identify deficiencies and make recommendations to improve the environment of your home or business which will discourage pests from wanting to enter of live there.


The final stage is Pest Control.  Your technician will recommend a custom pest control plan of action that will be effective in the long-term; meet your specific needs; and pose the least amount of environmental risk.

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