It’s that time of year again in Northeast Ohio where Stink Bugs and other insects are looking for a warm home to spend the winter. We’re going to tell you a little about this invasive species and how to keep stink bugs from entering your home.

How to Keep Stink Bugs Out of Your Home
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

The brown marmorated stink bug is probably the least favorite of the home intruders because they tend to be everywhere. In cars, on curtains, drawers, attics, and everywhere else inside your home. Where there’s one, there are thousands that you don’t see.

If you see stink bugs anywhere around your home, you’ll want to call us ASAP so we can treat all the areas of your home offer entry to the stink bugs.

Where Did Stink Bugs Come From?

Stink Bugs are not native to North America. They are a crop-destroying insect from Asia that is a severe threat to agriculture, and their populations are growing exponentially. They are believed to have hitched rides in shipping containers out of Asia and first noticed in Eastern Pennsylvania during the late 1990s.

Stink bugs have since grown in numbers, and populations have spread uncontrollably across the entire continent. Stink bugs have no known, natural predators, so the only way to control them is with pyrethroid insecticides.

The scientific community is considering the introduction of a samurai wasp that injects its egg into the stink bug and chews it’s way out, killing the stink bug. As with introducing any non-native insect to North America, there may be some unknowns.

How To Kill Stink Bugs

Very simply, call us immediately to schedule your first of two treatments that have proven to reduce the number of stink bugs by 90% or more. Customers that have been treated for stink bugs once come back every year because our treatments are incredibly useful.

Not only will our product keep stink bugs out, it also prevents 70 other insects from entering your home. So when you get a stink bug treatment, you’re treating your entire home from any pests that are going to attempt to winter in your home.

How to Keep Stink Bugs Away - Ohio

What Is Our Stink Bug Treatment?

To stop stink bugs entering, we spray proprietary insecticide in and around cracks and crevices on the outside of your home. We spray around windows, doors, eaves, vents, and any space ample enough for stink bugs or other insects to make the entry. Our treatment is explicitly targeting entry points.

When the stink bug attempts to make entry into your home, our product kills them and keeps them away from your home. We treat your home in early fall then repeat the treatment 2-3 weeks later. While one treatment will significantly reduce stink bugs in your home, we’ve found that the two treatment program is much more effective.

Call Custom Pest Control to schedule your first treatment:

Ask Us About Exclusion

The best pest control for not only stink bugs but for all pests and wildlife entering your home is an Integrated Pest Management solution or IPM. IPM is an environmentally sensitive approach to pest management, which includes exclusion.

Exclusion is a process of making your home impenetrable, much like keeping drafts out of your home in the winter. The exclusion process is finding every little crack in your home’s structure that could potentially allow pests, rodents, and unwanted guests to enter. Any homeowner can perform exclusion, and it’s the very best solution when it comes to pest control in your home.

If you don’t want to deal with exclusion, you can call us. We’ll send out one of our experts and put together a full IPM plan, which will be the most effective way of eliminating pest and rodent infestations.

Stink Bug Service Area

While we’d love to be able to help everyone out with pest control, our service area for stink bugs is limited to a 20-mile radius of our primary location in Norton, Ohio. We service the following areas:

Akron, Norton, Barberton, Copley, Fairlawn, Montrose, Bath, Sharon Center, Medina, Wadsworth, Doylestown, Clinton, Canal Fulton, New Franklin, Portage Lakes, Greentown, North Canton, Mogadore, Tallmadge, Brimfield, Cuyahoga Falls, Stow, Kent, Ravenna, Hudson, Streetsboro, Peninsula, Richfield, Hinkley, Brunswick, and everywhere in between. Just give your pest control agent your address, and we’ll let you know if it falls within our service area.