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Once you have bed bugs, your friends, neighbors, and relatives may get them too. If you even think you might have bed bugs, call us immediately by clicking the the button below and we'll send someone out to do a free inspection.
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What Is A bed Bug?

Bed bugs are parasitic insect that have been around for thousands of years and were most eradicated from developed countries in the mid 1900s.

Do I have Bed Bugs?

Detecting bed bugs without a trained eye can be difficult because you won’t see them unless you know what you’re looking for.

Bed Bug Treatment

Custom Pest Control uses combination of thermal heat treatments and specific chemical applications to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs.

Have no fear – Bed Bug Treatment is Here

Bed Bug Treatment and Eradication

At Custom Pest Control, we offer bed bug inspections of your home or business and determine if you have bed bugs and where they reside. We then follow up with a treatment plan that’s specifically designed to eliminate your bed bug problem.

Depending on the size of your bed bug infestation we will either use heat treatments, dusting, or both.  Our goal is results driven and we guarantee your bed bugs will be completely eradicated when our job is finished.

Bed Bug Infestation?

Today’s lifestyle and frequent travel means we’re staying in hotels more often and there’s a good chance you could bring bed bugs home.  If you even think you have bed bugs, it’s best contact us before the infestation gets out of hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Bed Bugs? Please learn more about Bed Bugs and preventing them below.

What Is a Bed Bug?
Bed bugs are parasitic insect that have been around for thousands of years and were most eradicated from developed countries in the mid 1900s.  During the 1990s bed bug populations began to increase and spread and have been a problem ever since.

The common bed bug feeds off human blood but they’ll also feed on other rodents or mammals when humans aren’t available.  These little bugs will snack on any type of blood to sustain themselves until you’re back in bed, sleeping, and a vulnerable feast.

While there are many different species of bed bugs, the most common you’ll find in Ohio are Cimex lectularius.  This type of bed bug prefers human blood over other mammals and prefer to thrive in warm houses, inside beds and bedding where humans sleep.  While not completely nocturnal, bed bugs do most of their feeding at night while you’re sleeping.

Another common bed bug that you may have is Cimex adjunctus which is also referred to as the bat bug.  While these bat bugs will feast on human blood, they need bat blood to reproduce.

If you believe you may have either of these bugs in your home, you’ll want to call us right away so we can verify they are bed bugs and start the process of exterminating them.

How do I know if I have Bed Bugs?
Detecting bed bugs without a trained eye can be difficult because you won’t see them unless you know what you’re looking for.  Bed bugs do their feeding which happens in minutes then quickly go back into hiding, making it difficult to detect them.

While bed bugs can exist as one bug, once an infestation is established they tend to stay congregate in hiding spots, fairly close to their feeding host.  Whether that host be your dog, cat, your children or yourself.

Sometimes a bed bug bite can be mistaken for a mosquito bite or other insect bites which is why they can go undetected for so long.  You can spot bed bugs visually because they aren’t microscopic but they’re flat and hide in very tight places, (adult bed bugs are the size of a small apple seed).

Common signs of a bed bug infestation include:

  • Mosquito-like bites that occur at night;
  • Straight lines of multiple bug bites;
  • Blood stains on sheets or pajamas;
  • Sheds from bug skins (exoskeletons);
  • Fecal spots.

Wherever these nasty little critters are hiding, they shed five times so they leave behind their shedded exoskeletons as evidence of their existence.  Depending on how many bed bugs you have, there may be thousands of these sheds left behind. The sheds look like the bug itself but are translucent and vary in size depending on what stage of the bed bug life they were shed.

At Custom Pest Control, bed bug inspection, detection and eradication is our job and if you think you have bed bugs, call us and have one of our trained technicians come out to verify their existence and then quickly come up with a solution that will eliminate them before their population grows any further.

How to I get rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug Treatment & Prevention

Custom Pest Control’s primary objective in controlling bed bugs is early detection and prevention.  While bed bugs can go undetected for long periods of time, it’s important to have an inspection on first signs of bed bugs so we can start treatment immediately, mitigating the chance of further infestation.

Preventing bed bugs can be difficult because they can be transported into your home or business unknowingly.  Once inside, they’ll begin to grow their population. In three months time you could have thousands of bed bugs from just one female being brought inside.  Early detection is of utmost importance and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

For hospitality industries, regular bed bug inspections are recommended because more and more people travel and can bring bed bugs into your establishment at anytime.  Early detection and remediation are important in hospitality environments.

Bed Bug Extermination

We’ll do a thorough inspection of your home or business and determine where your infestation resides and follow up with a treatment plan that specifically designed to eliminate your bed bug problem. We also implement an ‘Integrated Pest Management’ approach to your bed bug problem, giving you the peace-of-mind that bed bugs will soon be eliminated.

Custom Pest Control uses combination of thermal heat treatments and specific chemical applications to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs.  Our treatment plan will target those hard to get places where bed bugs harbor.

Our chemical treatments are both fast-acting (kill bed bugs quickly), and have a long-term residual effect that continue to work for weeks to come.  Combine this with dusting in specific targeted areas along with the heat treatment, your bed bug problem will quickly become a thing of the past.

We Kill Bed Bugs – Guaranteed!

Bed bugs can be difficult to get rid of because they hide in small cracks and crevices and they are resilient to most types of pesticides.

Thermal heat treatment of bed bugs works when their harborage is heated to approximately 117-122 degrees Fahrenheit.  After 20 minutes of this sustained heat, all living bed bugs will die. However, bed bug eggs must be exposed to these temperatures for 90 minutes or more to achieve 100% mortality.

Custom Pest Control has several thermal units designed to bring temperatures in your bedroom or home to 135 degrees to completely kill all the bed bugs.  The process isn’t a quick one though because everything has to heat up to a sustained level needed to kill the bed bugs. The heat has to penetrate everywhere that bed bugs might be hiding so this takes some time.

The entire process of bed bug removal takes around 6-10 hours from setting up the equipment to exiting your home.  It’s a very labor intensive job and extremely hot but everything is monitored while we’re there so you can sleep confidently at night knowing that all the bed bug infestations have been eliminated.  That means no more bed bug bites!

The thermal heat treatment of your bed bug problem is guaranteed to kill them all but we cannot guarantee against re-infestation.  Bed bugs can be brought into your home from anywhere and it’s difficult if not impossible to know their origin.

Custom Pest Control will send out a technician that is an expert in bed bug removal that will examine your entire situation and recommend a sure path toward bed bug elimination.

Bed Bug Bites

The favorite food of a bed bug is human blood. The attack at night while your sleeping and quickly go in for a blood meal.  Bed bug bites can often be confused with mosquito bites.

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Bed Bug problems on the rise

A little about Bed Bugs

Bed bugs since the late 1990s have become problematic pests in both home and hospitality environments in Northeast Ohio.  Bed bugs can live for up to a year without a blood meal (food) and eradication of these nasty little bugs can be difficult and time consuming.  Early detection of a bed bug infestation is important.

Because bed bugs reproduce so rapidly their population will grow and quickly spread to affect others around you or in your home.  If you even think you may have bed bugs it’s best to contact us immediately for an inspection.

Our Bed Bug program is guaranteed to completely eliminate your bed bug problem so you can sleep at night, without the stress and worry.

Akron Ohio

Bed Bug Extermination

Are you ready to get rid of the bed bugs?  For your home or business, Custom Pest Control is dedicated to providing the very best bed bug control services in the Akron Ohio area.

Our process of pest control is responsibly focused on eliminating the conditions that make your home or business attractive to insects, rodents, or wildlife.

We practice an Integrated Pest Management approach to pest control which is highly effective in providing long term, year-round results.  Call 330-861-5038


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Recognize environmental conditions that encourage pest infestations.

Identify Pests

We identify and monitor pest problems so we don’t apply the wrong solution.


Pest prevention includes eliminating food and water sources along with good sanitation practices.

Pest Control

Proactive Integrated Pest Management Control is a cooperative effort shared between us.

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