Discounted Bed Bug Treatments through HUD

City of Barberton May Subsidize Bed Bug RemovalIf you live in Barberton, Ohio and are need of Bed Bug Treatment or other general Pest Control services, we have some good news for you. Certain areas in Summit County receive Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) funds directly from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to assist low/moderate income individuals. Low income (defined by HUD) is a single person dwelling making less than $14,450.00 per year. There are 3 eligible levels of income eligible for these subsidies up to $38,450.00 for single individual.

Bed Bug Inspection and Bed Bug Removal in Barberton

If you live in Barberton and are considered low income according to HUD, the City of Barberton, with the funds offered through the CDBG program, will assist with your Bed Bug problem. Depending on how low of income these funds could pay for the entire Bed Bug Treatment. You don’t have to live with Bed Bugs and while infestations can be expensive to remove, you might be eligible for assistance. Depending on the household income level, Barberton may cover it all. and Custom Spray Inc. will work directly with the City of Barberton to get your Bed Bug situation handled. Links and resources are available below.

Additional Coverage (other than bed bugs):

In addition to Bed Bug Removal, services that we provide that could be covered are:

  • Poison Ivy Control;
  • General Pest Control; and
  • Weed Control.

What does CDBG funding activities actually do?

  • It must meet one of the following HUD national objectives:
    • Benefit low/moderate income individuals;
    • Prevent or eliminate slums and blight; or
    • Meet an urgent community need.

CDBG-funded activities must also address of the three goals established by the federal statute for these programs:

  • Provision of expanded economic opportunities;
  • Provision of a suitable living environment; or
  • Provision of decent housing.

Bed Bug Treatments – Who Qualifies?

  • Low- to moderate-income individuals or households located in jurisdiction (income must be verified);
  • Disabled individuals, or households containing disabled individuals;
  • Elderly (62+);
  • Battered and abused spouses; and
  • Battered and abused children.

Barberton Ohio Bed Bug Treatment

The City of Barberton recently reached out to us so that we could work directly with the City to assist eligible households with Bed Bugs, Pest Control, and certain weed control treatments.

2018-2019 programs and contact numbers for Barberton Ohio:

  • Home Weatherization Assistance: 330-643-2537
  • Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control: 330-926-5600
  • Owner Occupied Home Rehabilitation: 330-297-6400
  • Barberton Fire Smoke Detector: 330-848-6732
  • Economic Development Loans: 330-745-3070
  • Pain Rebate: 330-848-6730
  • Facade Improvement & Economic Development: 330-848-6729
  • Fair Housing Contact Services: 330-376-6191

For more information on eligibility you can contact: Sonja Dittman: 330-848-6729

Sonja Dittmann
Community Development Administrator
Phone: 330.848.6729

Other Resources for Assistance with Bed Bugs and Pest Control

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Bed Bug Treatment Barberton Ohio under CDBG Program

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