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We’re an Akron, Ohio based Pest Control and Wildlife Management company. Pest Control or Wildlife problems contact us: 330-861-5038

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Akron Ohio – We’re a family-owned and operated pest control company with customers all over Northeast Ohio.  For the past 20 years, we’ve offered Perimeter Pest Control services locally.

We’re committed to providing you with consistent, high-quality pest control management services that are both effective and reliable.  We take an Integrated Pest Management approach that is environmentally sensitive and proactive.

If you’re looking for a well-established, honest and reliable pest control service, you’re in the right place.  Learn More…

Do I need Pest Control in the Winter?

Do I Need Pest Control In The Winter

As winter is quickly approaching here in Northeast Ohio, winter pest control tends to get overlooked by many residents. The noticeable absence of flying insects including mosquitoes, flies, and bees doesn't mean there's a lack of pest activity inside your home. While...

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Akron Ohio Pest Control Company

At Custom Pest Control, we focus on providing high quality, customized pest control solutions. Whether it is our Integrated Pest Management programs, pest monitoring, wildlife control, or fixing a current pest problem.  Our goal is for you to be pest free. We offer year-round pest control programs that are very effective and affordable.

Pest Control Services We Offer to Northeast Ohio Homes and Businesses:

Bed Bugs

Our Bed Bug program is guaranteed to completely eliminate your bed bug problem so you can sleep at night, without the stress and worry.


Northeast Ohio has the perfect climate for mosquitos and a major health risk.  We offer full mosquito control services.


Wild life control services include raccoons, skunks, deer, ground hogs, and many others. Humane treatment and or relocation of wildlife is encouraged.

Invasive Pests

These include stink bugs, asian beetle, emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, hemlock woolly, twig beetle and others.


Ants are hard workers and interesting insects that communicate within a colony. Our pest control includes ants.

Stinging Insects

Warm weather in Northeast Ohio brings on the wasps, hornets, bees and yellow jackets and we’re you best defense.

Complete Pest Control Solutions Provided

We offer a very wide variety of pest control services that cover nearly every pest you can imagine finding in Ohio.

Since I began using them I have been pest free. A great local company for my home and work in Wadsworth and Akron.
Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson
19:17 05 Nov 18
From start to finish, this company was so easy and pleasant to work with. They were extremely helpful and I would highly recommend them for any pest or wildlife control needs. Conrad is a class act and was very knowledgeable. We so appreciate his help with getting our chimney cleared.read more
Christine Mally
Christine Mally
15:21 17 Jul 18
Friendly and fast they are so nice and help anyway they can and I have recommended them to a few other people cause they are good !!!!!😀😀😀read more
Rose Fuentes
Rose Fuentes
18:01 22 Oct 18
Conrad is extremely knowledgeable and had the nest removed within 24 hours of my call. What I thought was a small hornet nest turned out to be a little bigger than I thought....and a little more dangerous. Conrad claimed that the hornets were extremely aggressive bald-faced hornets. We confirmed his claim by seeing pics & reading about them online. And to think that we were going to try to remove the nest ourselves! Custom Pest Control and Conrad literally saved a life! Knowledgeable, fast service, & fair price!read more
Heidi Hanan
Heidi Hanan
19:30 25 Jul 18
Conrad was very helpful and determined to rid us of this problem COMPLETELY. He made sure we were educated.
Carol Ziruolo
Carol Ziruolo
23:09 01 Aug 18
Was having a bee problem with my yard and Conrad came out same day assessed and treated my yard as well as left with me with recommendations and scheduled follow up. When I arrived home even after one treatment I noticed the minimization of bee activity immediately. The professionalism, courtesy, and ease of communication is to be commended. I can’t really comment on price due to the fact that I didn’t get a bunch of quotes but with the level of service I received it wound not have changed my decision to go with custom. Would highly recommend them for any pest control issues you may face.read more
Ezzard Jones
Ezzard Jones
13:02 09 May 18

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